Book Challenge

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Our new book challenge for 2021/2022 is ‘10 for 10’, 10 books for Year 10 pupils. The titles have been chosen to appeal to more able readers in Year 10.

Your package will be delivered in September and includes:

  • Virtual staff launch event in September 2021
  • 40 books with plastic jackets fitted – 4 copies of each of the 10 titles
  • Supporting resources, further reading and discussion ideas for each title; a suggested calendar will also be included
  • Access to virtual content and author events
  • Promotional materials – posters, bookmarks, award certificates
  • Invitation to join in the 10 for 10 celebration

Please note all resources and promotional materials will be sent electronically for you to add your own school logo before printing, displaying on screens or sending electronically yourselves.

Here is the order form for you to download – order form.  You can choose this as a Purple Module or purchase the package for £350. If you have any questions please contact