Boy using a Touch TileBoy using a Touch Tile

Held in the Hand/Touch Tiles

These award-winning palm-sized interactive art objects or gadgets encourage interaction and responses to the stimulus they provide

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They can encourage the use of expressive and descriptive words, provide purely sensory stimulus or stimulate the imagination and provide inspiration for story telling or creative writing. There is no right or wrong about what these objects are, they are whatever children imagine they are.

Use Held in the Hand objects for:

  • Providing engaging, interactive learning experiences
  • Multi-sensory experiences including some objects that make sounds
  • Providing a range of stimulus with different surfaces and materials
  • Experience fascinating interactive gadgets, some from outer space!
  • Inspiration for story telling
  • Stimulate conversation or a reaction
  • Providing interaction through buttons to press and handles to wind

Touch Tiles
Touch Tiles provide a range of interactive and sensory experiences in the form of square tiles. They can stand alone on a normal table or be locked into specially designed mobile tables holding single tile or a large table holding four tiles at a time. Some provide purely sensory experiences while others involve greater interaction with turning handles or moving mechanical parts.

The Touch Tiles provide / Use Touch Tiles for:

  • Engaging interactive learning experiences
  • Opportunities for learning about the world around us with tiles that cover fossils, pond life and the oak tree life cycle
  • Encouraging interaction by pressing buttons, winding handles and mechanical cogs
  • Learning through touch and sensory contact
  • Taking impressions using clay, plasticine or model magic e.g. fossil impressions from the fossil tile

Loan period for these items is one term.

Depending on the colour modules you choose, you can borrow:

Pink module – 2 collections per year
Purple module – 3 collections per year
Green module – 7 collections per year