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Available through the subscription modules only, this gives you valuable access to an impressive cross-curricular online resource, Curriculum Visions.  Platinum access to this acclaimed online library, multimedia centre and lesson bank gives staff, pupils and parents the ability to browse topics at school and at home. Full coverage of the National Curriculum, utilising online books, videos and lesson plans, all within one platform which can all be accessed through different devices.

Nearly 800 curriculum books are available, supported by many hundreds of videos, and tens of thousands of pictures.

Choose as a purple module for up to 300 pupils.

Choose as a green module for over 300 pupils.

The books are linked to lots of topics we are covering. Children are liking the interactivity of the books. I have personally liked the videos to accompany the topics. The button that reads out the information is great for SEN children. I have also had some children read some of the books at home too.

Lauren Hill, teacher
Ellistown Primary