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Our experienced team can visit your school to deliver a variety of sessions, which can be tailored to the needs of your school, and ability level of your students. Booktalking enthuses children to pick up a book and read. We choose snippets of books and tempting teasers that relate to children of today, leading to more reading for pleasure and greater pupil achievement. With a selection of books from different genres, we get them reading and the books will fly off the shelves! For every hour of sessions, up to 40 related books will be loaned to the school, for a period of 12 weeks following the sessions.

  • 1 booktalking session is 2 hours.
    To be booked as a 2-hour block; normally this is divided into 4 x 30-minute booktalks delivered to one class of up to 30 pupils at a time.

Booktalking can also be booked by the hour through our pay as you go system. Please contact us for costs per hour.

Our sessions are also available as videos or live digital sessions:

Thanks so much for your book-talking sessions. The children are really buzzing about the books and keep stopping me in the corridors to ask when they can borrow the books. You've definitely inspired them.

Sarah Cross, Library and Teaching Assistant
St John the Baptist Primary, Whitwick