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Creative Writing Workshops

Do you need something creative to engage your more able pupils?

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These active sessions aim to help young writers in Key Stage 2 to develop their confidence in writing for pleasure, and are particularly suitable for more able pupils. The sessions focus on generating ideas, and introducing the basics of plot and characterisation.

  • 1 creative writing workshop is 2 hours.
    To be booked as a 2-hour block; can be divided into 2 x 1-hour workshops. Aimed at more able pupils; maximum of 12 pupils at a time.
    Sessions can also be booked by the hour through our pay as you go system. Please contact us for costs per hour.

This workshop was amazing! It taught me lots of things that I had no idea about! Thanks!
We should do this every week it has really improved my writing and it makes it really fun.
I loved working with Jo! I would love to do sessions with you every day.

Rushey Mead Primary, Leicester