Poetry for Pleasure – staff training

Do you want to experiment and have fun with poetry?

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Our professional development session for primary schools gives staff an opportunity to have fun with poetry, to experiment with new ideas and maybe to have a go at trying something different. Our one hour session will be run at a staff meeting for staff of all Key Stages and will be a refreshing look at ways of using short, quick poetry activities in the classroom which can be differentiated for all ages and abilities of pupils.

The session will be fun and interactive, giving you a chance to have a go yourselves at some of the activities, finishing with a moment to reflect on the session and to plan a new activity for your class.

  • 1 poetry for pleasure workshop is 1 hour.
    We’ll also provide you with a digital handout and ideas for lessons plans and a small collection of poetry books to borrow until the end of term.
    You can choose this as one of your professional development modules as part of your subscription or buy as a one off session from our pay-as-you-go menu.

A great bank of ideas for teaching poetry.
Very engaging and interactive. Lots of ideas and activities to come away with.
Fun practical activities that can be used from EYFS to Year 6
Very informative, lots of ideas to use and implement. Changed my thoughts about poems and being anxious about using them
Lots of great ideas to use with the class.
Really interesting and gave some great ideas to start poetry writing.

Staff from
Thringstone Primary