Spoken Word – staff training

Training and advice Secondary

We have developed a new 1 hour staff session for English teachers who want the opportunity to think about how they deliver poetry lessons to students. The session seeks to provide ideas about how to make poetry feel more relevant and accessible to students across KS3 and 4, and to explore it as a form of spoken word performance. We hope the session will offer fun, practical and interactive ideas and will finish with the opportunity to reflect on the activities and think how you might adapt or differentiate them to suit your own classes.

1 spoken word workshop is 1 hour – we’ll also provide you with a digital handout and ideas for lessons plans and a small collection of blank verse/free verse books to borrow until the end of term.
You can choose this as one of your professional development modules as part of your subscription, or buy as a one off session from our pay-as-you-go menu.