Photo of teachers using artefactsPhoto of teachers using artefacts

Working With Artefacts

Do you need help getting the best out of your artefacts in school?

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Museum collections can be used to create inspiration in the classroom and bring history, science and many other curriculum subjects to life.

Our experienced Creative Learning Officer can work with your staff to enable them to get the most from artefacts, learning creative and innovative ways to generate curiosity, wonder, empathy and understanding in pupils.

  • 1 working with artefacts workshop is 1 hour.

Lots of discovery and opportunities to get stuck in!
Excellent! Very practical/hands on.
A great informative session. It was nice to have a hands on session and experience how the kids are taught through the service too.
I will be using these ideas in the classroom

Staff from
The Grove Primary, Melton Mowbray