Artefact Collections

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Enrich your pupils’ education by integrating items from our superb collection into your teaching. An amazing array of artefacts, including real museum objects, support teaching in many ways: for display, for handling, for creative writing or discussion and for information. With over 1000 items to choose from, the collection supports many curriculum areas.

There is a large collection of birds and British mammals in the natural history section – all animals have died of natural causes, no animal has been hunted or killed for use in this collection.

Loan period is for up to one term, or 12 weeks. One collection can be either one pre-selected collection or up to 5 individual artefacts of your choice. No delivery charges when chosen as a module.

To see which artefacts we have, click on ‘Catalogue’ above and type Artefacts in the search box, or click on Visual Search and select the curriculum area you’re looking for.