Photo of child drawing grafittiPhoto of child drawing grafitti

Art Workshops

Creative Learning Services supports the delivery of the National Curriculum in schools through our exciting and inspirational art sessions

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We provide all the materials and expert guidance to allow pupils to experiment and improve their mastery of a wide range of art and design techniques. Pupils will also have the unique opportunity to learn about and gain inspiration from museum objects, artefacts and original works of art from the Leicestershire Museum and Artworks Collections.


  • 1 art workshop is 2 hours delivery time.
    To be booked as a block of time; delivered to one class of pupils at a time; to take place in one room with tables & chairs which is available for set-up at least 20 minutes prior to session.

These are the primary sessions we run, please click on each title to find out more…

Aboriginal art – KS1/KS2              Aztec art – KS2

Cityscapes – KS2                           Dinosaurs KS1/KS2

Drawn to wildlife – KS2                Experiments in ink – KS1/2

Graffiti – KS1/KS2                          It’s all Greek – KS2

Macro insects – KS2                     Pop art/altered images – KS2

Printing – KS1/KS2                        Take flight – KS2

Take six pictures – KS1/KS2

Here’s a taster of our video sessions which are also available to book:

Please pass my thanks on to Lisa for the superb printing workshop that my class and I experienced today. We all had a fabulous afternoon and it was lovely to see children who were initially hesitant, flourish. They all produced beautiful pieces of work and went home very happy.

Jo Hallam, Deputy Head
Thringstone Primary