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Museum Learning Sessions

Let us bring the museum to your school

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Our highly experienced Workshop Leaders use museum artefacts to inspire curiosity and learning in many curriculum subjects including history, science, design and technology.

Whether you’re studying the Stone Age, Vikings, the seaside or local history, our museum collections allow us to create unique learning opportunities in your school covering many periods in history.

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Stuck for School Assembly Ideas? 

Invite our Workshop Leaders to your school to enthusiastically present on a variety of historical topics. Assemblies are 30 minutes long and suitable for the whole school.


  • ‘Entertaining Master Shakespeare’ ~ help Mistress Anne Shakespeare prepare for her husband, Williams return to Stratford from London (warning includes amateur dramatics!)
  • ‘From Feast Days to Funfairs’ ~ discover the history of the markets and fairs in your local area. What did they eat? How did they celebrate? What did they sell? (you might be surprised!)
  • ‘Lest we Forget…’ ~ An interactive and thought provoking assembly for Remembrance Week based on the memories of real characters who lived at the time.
  • ‘Deck the Halls!’ ~ The year is 1891. Mrs Corah and her housekeeper, Mrs Salisbury are preparing the house for Christmas with all the trimmings.
  • ‘The War is Over!’ ~ VE Day celebration assembly. Today is 8th May 1945 and the war is over! What did VE Day mean from a child’s point of view? Pupils will help Sarah Hall and Mary Palmer tell their story in this interactive and joyful assembly.

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Thank you for including the Hindi propaganda poster and the information about the apology for the inequality in remembrance of the black and Asian soldiers.
I hope we can include this workshop again next year.

Dom Stephens
Mellor Primary School